Nurses in Quito – día tres

Students observed in surgery, ER, and post-surgical care units. Haley is quickly becoming our resident Spanish expert! She communicates with ease to the nurses.

Audrey describes the ER team atmosphere.

Bethany appreciates the patient-centered care.

Diana is our Ecuadorian translator from Living and Learning Inc. She prepares the students for home-stays that start tonight.

Nurses in Quito – Día dos

Students served in pairs today in ICU (UCI), emergency/triage, and on the medical floor. We started the day with an orientation on meticulous handwashing, patient safety, the mission/vision, and general policies of the hospital. Everyone was welcoming! It was a little over a mile walk down the hill to the hospital from our apartment.

There are scripture references on the walls and elevator throughout the hospital, reminding us to love those we serve.

At Little Lunch we had amazing food! We then embarked across Quito for a tour of the Universidad De las Americas (UDLA) where they showed us an entire floor dedicated to state-of-the-art simulation.

Nursing, medical, and physical therapy students learn together in this environment. This ‘team’ training is noticeable with the strong collegiality on each hospital unit. A nursing degree in Ecuador is four years of classroom and simulation. They have a fifth year of full-time patient care at an assigned hospital somewhere in the country. UDLA also had veterinary medicine simulation rooms with robotic dogs!

We then stopped for coffee, ice cream, and debrief of the day.

Before returning to our apartment about 730pm, we perused the grocery store “super maxi“ for coffee and chocolate. We ate dinner at the mall watching the soccer game.

The students all demonstrated great courage and joy today as they served. We are so proud of them! 💜

Nurses in Quito – día uno

Today we toured colonial Quito, including Quito’s most ornate church – La Compania de Jesus (built 1605-1765) which is profusely decorated in gold leaf in the Spanish baroque tradition.

We toured the Republic of Cacao and enjoyed an explanation of how chocolate is made and tasted about 12 varieties.

We worked off the chocolate by exploring the National Basilica of Quito. Students climbed to the highest point.

The most amazing time today was spent with several nurse leaders and two physicians from VozAndes hospital. They shared their passion for excellent patient care and insights of how we practice nursing similarly. We begin orientation with their staff at 0700 tomorrow.