Bringing Home Change

Jungle Kids for Christ

What’s special about Misahuallí isn’t just its beauty. This unique town located in the Amazon jungle is home to the missionary base of Jungle Kids for Christ, whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty, abuse, and neglect in the jungle environment. Today, our team worked with Antioch, a school in Misahuallí that is part of Jungle Kids for Christ. Antioch seeks to cultivate, empower, and sustain the Ecuadorian community. They do this by providing an education to children in the area and by providing jobs on the Guayusa tea farm.

Our team broke into two groups to start on our projects for the week. The agriculture team (Tammy, Mark, Keaton, Madi, Dalton, Mikaila, and Nate) went to some farms and the communications team (Curt, Lindon, Kressa, and Josiah) immersed themselves in photography videography of the school and community and worked on a business plan for the Guayusa tea project.

Beyond our community

The most important part of this trip is seeing and taking part in the profound ways that God is active in the world. We are witnessing God’s work beyond our own communities and region. Partnering with Jungle Kids for Christ provides a ripe laboratory where students can be changed, and in turn, bring that change back to College of the Ozarks and our home communities. But you’ll have to wait a few more days…we are having a bit too much fun to come home yet.

Evening debriefs

Every evening, our team gathers in a circle to share some highlights of our day, some down sides (which, so far, has been lack of sleep), and in what ways we saw God today. Then, we find a partner and ask how we can pray for each other this week. It is a rich time of fellowship and spiritual growth.

“What was a highlight of your day?”

After doing preliminary work on the aquaculture project in the states, it was an amazing opportunity to see it all come together. Between touring a local fish farm and meeting with the resident engineer, Sam, we were able to get a plan together for the future of the project. It was really cool to be a part of that process
-Keaton Reich

“How did you see God today?”

When we were standing in front of the Woman’s resident home at Antioch school, I saw Kassidy, a full-time missionary that works there, after she had done so much work last night and how she’s being a mom to those girls. She’s so joyful, and I saw God in her today.
-Mikaila Livingston

I saw God on the farm today. The way our group is able to interact and work with Patricio (the farm worker) and bridge any gaps. We are all from different cultures but we all came together for this one project.
-Madison Bagg

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