Yesterday was a bittersweet day…

Yesterday was a bittersweet today for me. It is the first time while I have led a trip with the College that we have held a memorial service for a fellow college student, Alyssa Crowley, who passed away this weekend. Although Alyssa did not travel with our team to Belize, she had a significant impact on many of our students and faculty.

In the middle of the Belizean jungle at our retreat center, we gathered as a community of 22 men and women to remember the zest and life Alyssa brought to all she came in contact with. With sincerity and maturity, our students led the service and considered ways they could give back in Alyssa’s memory.

I am proud to be a part of such mature, thoughtful, and empathetic college students.

Peace and Grace,

Andrew T. Bolger

Welcome to Belize

Family and Friends,

This week we will have 17 students and 5 faculty and staff participating in a nine-day mission trip to Belize. You can follow our experiences on this blog.

Our group arrived at 2:45 pm CST. After we grabbed a quick lunch at Old Belize on the Caribbean Sea, we traveled the 2 hours from the Belizean Lowlands and into the Highlands to where we will stay for the next week. Right now, the strength to continue with an already long day comes from worshipping at a local church, Oasis of Blessing, with our Belizean brothers and sisters.

Tomorrow we will prepare for our community health and education initiatives in rural Belizean schools.

Here’s some older films and pictures that will set a context for our work over the next week.

Belize Documentary