Description of Day 3

Yesterday, we had an amazing day out in Bullet Tree Falls and Santa Familia.

Early yesterday morning, I, Andrew Bolger, took a group of our nursing students to La Loma Luz Hospital to work and learn from one of our amazing partners in Belize, Sah Tiemula. Sah is a Cameroonian national who now lives in Belize and he is incredibly knowledgeable about the process of dialysis. Three days a week, Sah and his staff work a wide variety of Belizeans who travel from all around the country to gain treatment for their condition. This is truly a ministry as most of these men and women cannot afford to the cost of these treatments.

After we dropped off the nurses, another group of the College of the Ozarks team went to Bullet Tree Falls to host a clinic. Throughout the day, they saw numerous people, testing their height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, and eyesight. During the process of the day, the Belizeans were also able to have an individual doctor’s consultation with our amazing doctors, Scott Cummings and Van Gauby, and receive necessary medications from the pharmacy if needed.

A third group from CofO traveled to another rural community named Santa Familia. While there, they spent the whole day teaching and playing with the nearly 250 children who attended the school. This group, our community health team, partnered with local ministry, community health, and medical leaders in the community to teach children about hand-washing and tooth brushing. All the while, they also taught them creative science projects and recipes for making toothpaste.

As the clinic slowed down in the afternoon, our nurses had another amazing experience doing community health work in Santa Familia. Groups of four nursing students and two faculty joined the local community health care workers, Marlini and Estella, to travel house to house testing the people who lived in each of these houses height, weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose. These visits proved the most transformative for faculty and staff alike as they were welcomed into the Belizean’s homes and shared stories and laughs together.

Although diverse, Belizeans have asked us to join them in each of these areas while we are, which we are so happy to do; because as we do, we that it gives us a context to share with them the fullest health and healing that comes through Jesus Christ.

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