Day 2 – Prep and Orientation

Today, we spent the day orienting ourselves to San Ignacio, the community we are staying in for the first part of the trip, and preparing for the clinics we will host. Over the next week, we will work in at least different seven schools, six different communities, three churches, and two hospitals.

Through each of these endeavors, we will engage nearly 1,000 Belizeans and offer medical/ vision care for upwards of 500 people.

After we prepped for these initiatives today, we hosted a group of community health care workers for lunch and then traveled from our hotel, Cahal Pech Resort, into San Ignacio to learn about how the Mayas made chocolate at Ahaw Chocolate and to share a meal with our partners at the private hospital’s dialysis unit.

The end of the night was special. We spent over an our worshipping and playing with Kevin Tzib’s, one of our partners, church in a local park. It is sweet to hear the same songs sung to our God in both English and Spanish.

Our God is greater, Our God is stronger.

Until tomorrow, I hope you enjoy these videos from Josh Loseo and Lauren Hutchison, two of our senior nursing students.

With our community health friends Marleni and Estella

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