Day 2

Today, our team is headed down into the jungle from Quito. This trip takes around 8 hours and spans 9,000 feet in elevation. On the way down, our group will have the opportunity to visit several ancient Incan caves that date back millennia.

Once they arrive in the jungle, they’ll be staying in Misahuillí, a river town that is on the Napo River. The Napo River happens to be one of the larger tributaries of the Amazon River.

The team will be based in Misahuillí for the next 5 days so that they can partner with Jungle Kids for Christ a local ministry that serves rural, impoverished jungle children.

Here’s a link to their website and a description of their primary ministry, Antioch School:

Antioch Christian Academy

Access to quality education in the jungle is limited. Students in the Misahualli and surrounding area have only the option of attending their community school, which in some cases has only one teacher for grades 1st – 7th. It is common to meet students who are in 6th grade but have a 3rd grade reading level. There is a lack of access to technology, a degrading environment, and a surplus of students per teacher ratio.

We have established a school in the jungle that competes with the best schools in the country giving students in the jungle the opportunity to excel in the areas they can. Antioch Christian Academy currently has 130 students. Parents are expected to pay a tuition between $44 and $115 per month according to their income. This amount is enough for parents to feel as if it is a sacrifice to enroll their kids into school. Because we want to influence the family through the child we look for parents who are willing to sacrifice for their children


1.    Christ-like values and morals that reflect a personal relationship with God that extends into their professional lives – for the rest of their life.

2.    Well-developed critical thinking and problem solving attitude that guides a Christian worldview in a pagan world while being part of today’s solutions for the developing world.

3.    Outstanding communication skills – in English and Spanish – so students can influence others for Christ and as leaders.

More pictures to follow later today.

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