A walk through day 2…

We began our day sharing breakfast with Mrs. Gema Catzim (Ms. Gema), who is the Regional Director of Community Health. After learning about our goals and task for the week, we headed out to get supplies and meet Miriam Gomez, the community health worker in Billy White. We have known Mrs. Gomez for almost two years as she and her husband, Pastor Ali Gomez, have attended our Pastors’ and Womens’ conferences. 

Our time in Billy White included providing health screenings (i.e., blood pressure, height, weight, blood sugar levels,etc.), demos on upcycling plastic bottles into self-watering planters, and putting up posters and talking about Zika prevtion to school kids.  

In the afternoon we had lunch and took a brief walk in downtown  San Ignacio. We finished out our day hosting a dinner for the community health workers from the communities in which we will host medical clinics this week. It was a sweet time of building new relationships. 

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. We will be in Bullet Tree tomorrow, working with Ms. Gema and Ms. Evette (the community health worker in Bullet Tree). 

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