Prayer and Devotional

Friends and Family,

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In order to keep all of us connected to God’s mission in Belize, Dr. Eric Bolger has written a brief devotional, which is attached to this email. Belize Mission Trip Devotions 2017

The purpose of the devotional is to prepare our team, as well as those who support our team, for the women’s and pastors’ conference we will host next Sunday afternoon.

Although our teams have taught in rural Belizean schools, facilitated large mobile community health clinics, support community health initiatives in rural villages, and worked in hospitals, these conferences have proven to be transformative for both us and the Belizean people as we celebrate the power of Jesus’ work in Belize.

Each day, I will update our blog with a new devotional until we reach the womens’ and pastors’ conference.  My hope with these devotionals is that they provide a connection point with the team, although they may thousands of miles away.

Peace and Grace,

Andrew T. Bolger

Belize Mission Trip Devotions 2017

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