James OBoyle

As I pause and reflect on this trip, I would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity of telling you about two Belizeans that have changed my life… First is John Chuc.  John was our tour guide at a Mayan site during the first day of the trip. He also led the men on an excursion through the Belizean jungle where we enjoyed coconuts, sink holes, and scorpions. He knows an incredible amount of knowledge about trees and herbs and their medicinal properties. 

Next, was a man named Kevin Tzib. Kevin is an associate pastor at a church called Oasis of Blessing. What’s awesome is that he is only 23 years old. He is an incredibly passionate about God and as a future pastor I admired his passion for youth. Kevin gave up a life of comfortability to love and disciple the youth of a country where 58% of its citizens are 18 years old or younger. I was drawn to this man and I was so thankful for the vast amount of information that I learned from him. 

Yet in both of these men there’s one thing that was evident… They both had an incredible amount of passion for Belize. They both saw the deficiencies in their country, yet were passionate to help bring change. John knew a vast amount of information about his home country and their history. Kevin knew his culture well and desired to see his country become passionate for God. 

I’m thankful for these men and their impact on my life.

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