Nathan Miller

Wow! Time has flown by here in Belize, and I can’t believe how incredible each moment has been. The land is beautiful, the food is delicious, and the work is fulfilling. Yet, it’s the people of Belize that make the difference. Every person that I have had the pleasure of meeting is another highlight to this trip.
John Chuc is the first Maya I’ve ever met. He’s full-blooded Maya-Yucatec, trained to know every flora and fauna, and a new brother in Christ. John is so in touch with God’s creation and the history of his people that to hear him speak of such things is awe-inspiring.

Pastor Kevin Tzib was offered a manager’s position at a local bank, but he refused so that he could dedicate himself to full time ministry. (Full time really means full time. Not just Sundays.) His passion is for the youth of Belize to be wholly committed to God. Also, Kevin is 23. My age.

The children of Belize are especially precious. Gabriel gave me 4 ninja turtle stickers on my second night in Belize. The kids of Billy White taught me as much as, if not more than, what I was sent to taught them. Oscar would continually want to play ‘catch’ or hide and seek, not even wanting to go home to eat lunch. He would always ask, “you want to play?” I miss him now.

Elias, Gringo, Giana, Gordo, Arnold, Herbert, Mr. Landero, Mr. Naphtalie, Sister Becky, Pastor Walter, Haidan, Ethan, the market vendors, Walter, Little John, Oscar, Abner, John n’ Sue Eve, and my team. I don’t have enough words to discuss how each one has affected my life this past week. I know that they have helped me to remember what God says I should treasure. 

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