Different Cultures. Same Desires.

“We just wanna be loved.” – Ben Rector

2 summers ago, I was able to participate in a mission trip to Costa Rica. While I was expecting to see numerous cultural differences there, I was shocked to see a vast amount of similarities. In Belize this reality is no different. You can find American novelties like Coke bottles,  Golden State Warriors Hats, and Justin Bieber music across Belizean markets. These similarities are perplexing, yet this concept is similar amongst children in the cultures I’ve visited as well.

What I’ve learned is that no matter what culture you are a part of, people just want to enjoy life and be loved. It’s incredible how it seems that the entire world knows how to play hot potato, duck duck goose, and tag (or “catch” as the Belizeans call it). All over the world children are energetic and simply want to have fun. Yet most importantly, in the areas I’ve visited, all people just simply want to be loved. As soon as we stepped off the bus we were swarmed with a sea of students asking to be hugged. Throughout the day students relentlessly asked to be picked up and I eventually had to reject some students as I was way too sore. What a wonderful God that creates us all with a desire to be loved and to enjoy life. I pray this week that I can show these students that God is the greatest example of love and that He creates life to be be enjoyed.

James O’Boyle





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