Take Off

As I write this short post, my eyes are struggling to stay open; it has been an adventure-packed day. We left for Belize at 3 am this morning, excited and anxious about the week ahead. I was nervous, because I had never flown before. Besides the fact that there was a pocket knife in my carry-on that I was unaware of, that we had to sprint through the Atlanta airport in order to make our flight for Belize City, and that I got a little sick due to turbulence. My first experience flying was enjoyable, because I saw God’s incredible handiwork through a little airplane window. 
We have already met some incredible people here, and I cannot wait to see how “God shows up and shows out” over the next few days; he consistently amazes me.                                                           

Britany Cotton

Friends and Families – 

I’ll take a view pictures of our team this morning once they wake up, but I wanted to give you a window into where we’re staying and what it looks like – 

Here are some views from our hotel this morning and some shots of what rooms look like here:

Andrew T. Bolger

Britany Cotton

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