There’s the Gulf

Friends, I wanted to give a brief update since we won’t have the ability to email until 5:30pm this evening, or thereabouts. 

Right now, we are flying over the Gulf of Mexico – about 1.5 hours outside Belize City. Once we arrive in Belize, we’ll disembark, travel through immigration and customs, and then load a bus to enjoy a lunch of fresh seafood.  

After lunch, we will drive due west from Belize City towards the mountains of Guatemala – San Ignacio, the town we’re staying in, is about ten miles due east of Guatemala in the Cayo District of Belize. Once we arrive at the hotel, we will settle into each of our rooms and then eat dinner and finish our final preparations for the pastors’ conference we are hosting tomorrow.  

Our evening will probably also include an early bedtime as many of us are running on less than four hours of sleep. 

Peace and Grace, 
Andrew T. Bolger

Campus Minister 

College of the Ozarks

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