As we prepare to depart…

In nine days, our team will be in San Ignacio, Belize. We go with the mission to learn–learn from the teachers at the school, learn from the pastors/churches we visit, and to learn from the children we hope to teach.

Before we leave Missouri, we are preparing lessons. My team is teaching the 10-14 year old children. In the schools, we will be teaching the four types of relationships: me to god, me to creation, me to others, and me to myself.  Through these four types of relationships we will braid stories from the gospel. In addition to teaching and observing classes, our team is going to be building and filling a library for the children of the school.

To further build community with the people of Belize, Dean Bolger and Dr. Haile will lead (along with students who feel called) a pastors’ conference to empower and educate the ministers in the area.

My prayer before we leave:

“Dear Lord,

Thank you for this opportunity to see more of your people and more of what you have created. I pray over this time that we will spend in Belize, and I ask that you would prepare our hearts before we leave. Though we like to think we know more, God, I know you can teach every member of our team and reveal more of yourself to us through the people in Belize and the people we meet on our way there.

Please work how you see fit and use me as a vessel despite how I try to take charge of my own life at times.

I pray as I struggle to understand this culture, that you would protect me from making assumptions. Keep me from arrogance and open my mind, Lord. Help me not to pity these people for things you have given them as blessings, and help me mourn with them for things you mourn for. Let us love well. And keep us safe please. Jesus, your will be done. Amen.”

More than anything, I want to worship the Lord where I am–here in Point Lookout, Missouri as a college student, in Belize as a mission team member and teaching assistant, and even after college as a teacher. As we leave, I want my attitude to show Christ everywhere we go, even in the airport at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Click here to watch a song I have been listening to as I prepare to leave.