Caitlyn Hodges

Today was our last day at the school, making it the hardest day of this trip by far. We went to the school so I could teach our last lesson and say goodbye. As I walked into the classroom of one of the little boys I befriended to hug him for the last time, a fuller realization of how much Jesus has loved me throughout this trip, and has led me to love, came over me. I searched through the faces of little ones until I saw the biggest smile staring up at me. My little buddy welcomed me and showed me the picture he just finished and I showed him the picture he had gifted me with so he knew that I was taking care of it. After a hug and a kiss on that little forehead I left and got in the bus, broken by the way Jesus moves and sad to be leaving these sweet people. The kids we have been working with are kind, open and will forever be blessings to me. I am struck by the way the Lord weaves his people into communities because He always uses it for our good. I realized today that it could be selfish to come and build a foundation with another only to leave when it is set. But my prayer is that Jesus will use the time he allowed our team and this school of kiddos to spend together to bless the kids as much as it has blessed me. I know I serve a sweet, mighty God. And I am so thankful the children I communed with this week showed me more of Him. I pray also that I was able to reciprocate that gift and that Jesus will bless my new friends more than I could ever think or I imagine to be possible. He is good. Amen.

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