Paige Bornhorst

Day 5 is here! We began the day gathered around the breakfast table. As we ate, we were charged to continue to think about the Beatitudes. As we continued to go forth with this focus, we loaded up the bus and headed to the Billy White School. We made a quick pit stop at the market and store (what they call the Chinese Walmart) to pick up food for the kiddos at the school. We wanted to gather with them and fellowship over a great meal!     Before we knew it, we had arrived at the school. As we pulled in, kids continued to gathered. I was welcomed by a sweet girl named Jessica. She quickly told me she had made me something. She then continued to hand me a small package wrapped in paper. As I opened it, a drawing was inside with a sparkly pencil. As I looked at the Palm trees, ocean, and a sunrise she had drawn, I immediately thought back to the church service we attended yesterday. The Pastor discussed how when we choose to give, God blesses us abundantly. This precious 8 year old girl who is given little, chose to give me a gift. I found myself so humbled and thankful to see her childlike faith. Why is it so hard for us to give to others? Why is it so hard for us to give our own items and hearts to JESUS? These are a few questions that have been pressed on my heart after witnessing this childlike faith.

After this beautiful welcoming, we continued to embrace the children and play outside with them. We took a quick break to serve lunch for the kids, but quickly returned to playing games. Soccer, hopscotch, Simon says, chalk, crayons, and volleyball became the popular games of the day! Overall, today was an amazing day filled with so much joy and love. I am excited to return to the Billy White School tomorrow. I know I will learn so much more from this sweet village in Belize!

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