Tommy Nissen

I have always wanted to go on a mission trip to another country, but had never gotten the chance until I was accepted to go on this mission trip. Our time in Belize so far has been amazing. We spent all day today at the Billy White school where we played games, gave lessons on scripture, and talked about life with kids ranging from 1st-6th standard. The lesson was on the story of Zacchaeus, and how personal Jesus is. We broke up into groups of 5 and discussed how Jesus is personally involved in each of our lives. We also had worship time where the kids sang us some of their school songs, and in turn we led a few songs of worship. Lastly we played games including red rover, frisbee, and a Belize verses America soccer game. (Which the Americans won by the way). I have learned from these two days that to fully connect with a culture it is most beneficial to participate in what they do. Engaging in their daily life allows you to humbly learn from them and empowers them with the ability give rather than just receive. All of this is to say I am so excited to see that God is already using this trip to grow us and conform us to his likeness.
Tommy Nissen

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