Abby Good

We arrived in Belize around 1:00 pm on Wednesday, November 18, 2015. As we drove from the airport to our hotel in Cahal Pech, I was struck by the diversity that is in Belize . The land transitions from savannah near the coast to moderate forest and then transitioning to rolling mountains with jungles the further inland we traveled. The people of Belize have roots in Spanish, African, and Maya cultures, creating a very rich culture. Nationwide elections were held last week, and the banners that advertised the candidates still hung from electrical poles and house windows.    As we jolted around in the bus John, our guide, said that Belizeans do drive on the right side or the left side… They drive on the smooth side. Occasionally, we passed a very smooth part of a road and John said that, leading up to election time, candidates will campaign by making improvements to the local infrastructure and then abandoning the projects after the ballots are counted. These campaign tactics lead to a smattering of large unfinished buildings surrounding the country side.

Once we arrived at the hotel we organized our resources and planned for our first day at the school. We will be interacting with children of all ages but we hope to connect with children ages 10-13, because they are the most unreached group of kids. We are all a little nervous, but very excited to see what God will do. Please keep us in your prayers and thank you for reading!
Abby Good

One thought on “Abby Good

  1. Dear Team,
    I prayed this morning that the Lord would bless every effort! You have amazing people on your trip, soak up each moment with the people around you!
    Team Knight

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