Rearing to Go. (Caleb Schaefer)

It’s a peaceful 2:48 AM on campus as we’re preparing to leave for Belize. The finishing touches are coming together, and our excitement wells. But so does the exhaustion we all feel so late in the semester.

2:50 AM can turn anyone into a philosopher, and the early morning (late night) calm outside Andrew’s office is a reminder to find peace in even the little things. The unintelligible babblings are enough to remind us of the weariness of our souls, but the exhaustion is also an opportunity to recognize the reality of our position in the created order.

In this little image of brokenness, we identify with others. It’s a turning back to the memory of our lives before and a recognition of humanity’s solidarity in the brokenness of sin. We know it in our relationships; with God, others, ourselves, and all of the created order we are perfectly aquatinted with brokenness and pain.

But here we find the canvas of hope. The brokenness stretches across the framework of life, and the Painter is at His art. The most amazing part? He uses us. Even in the midst of this exhaustion, this confusion, this weariness, God is at work enacting His redemptive process.

And that’s where we are: preparing to embark on a journey of redemption–as much our own as any others.

Father, guide our thoughts, words, and actions through the Holy Spirit by Christ Jesus your Son and our Savior. Amen.

It’s 3:08 AM and we’re tired. We’re giggly. We’re rearing to go. So let’s go!

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