Day 4: Justin

It’s a beautiful sunny Monday here in Belize, and our team has just finished a fun day working with children at one of the local schools. Today was the first day of our VBS program. The program has been designed for the older children at the school. These children encompass the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. This age group has never been reached by previous teams and is our main goal for being in Belize this week.

One of the coolest parts of the trip for me thus far has been playing games with all of the kids. I along with two other students are in charge of running/organizing the recreation and games we play throughout the week. The kids have endless energy! Trying to keep up with them is a challenge, but we’re having a blast doing so. They like the new games we are teaching them; however, soccer is by far their favorite sport, so we play that often. We played a U.S.A. vs Belize game of soccer… sadly to say, our missions team is no match for young Belizian kids!

This is the first of four days we are running the VBS program at the school. I can already tell this week is going to fly by extremely quick. One of the things our leadership is emphasizing this week is for all of us to be “present” in whatever we are doing this week. “Present” meaning not just flying through our organized material and games but taking the time to know the kids and their situations and also taking the time to wonder at God’s glorious creation and appreciating it from another part of the world.

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