Day 3: Bryan

Day three has been incredibly fun! We got to experience more of this beautiful country through fun, adventurous group activities.

We started off the day by going to market and picking up fruit for lunch later in the day. The fruit here is truly amazing and we all love eating as much as we can nearly every meal. Our tour guide John, who has worked closely with RowKids for years, is an expert in a wide range of subjects. He has greatly enriched or experience here by being able to shed light and give guidance on so many things about the culture and history that surrounds us.

The first real adventure of the day was getting to the place we would go cave canoeing and zip lining at. Our bus driver is very gifted because he handled the steep, curvy roads safely.

The Mayan cave we paddled into was incredible. John, who happens to be a certified cave explorer, made an already incredible experience even more exciting by telling us the history of the Mayan people who used to use the cave for various religious purposes. The canoeing was challenging to navigate at times but the experience was incredibly satisfying.

Next we zip-lined through the jungle. This was a fun experience but I feel like the really value in it was coming together as a team and encouraging those of us that were unsure or nervous. The zip-lines were a little nerve racking but we all did it together.

We ended the day by going to a picturesque waterfall and got to swim around and have a good time there. Day three really helped us as a team grow together and we are all looking forward to all the other adventures this weeks holds for us.

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