Some thoughts from Lindsay

I have been blessed to be on this trip to Belize. Today we went to San Marcos. I mostly interacted with the students at the school, while others worked on mixing concrete. I loved it! Their smiles light up the world. It is so incredible to see their face full of joy and happiness amongst the poverty. One memory from this week I will never forget is when we pulled out bubbles. Immediately the children started to yell,“Bubbles, bubbles!!” They chased after the bubbles with roars of laughter. Its incredible how simple life is here. Everyone we encounter are friendly and the children find joy in the little things of life. I have been encouraged by my friends here with me. They have stepped up when needed, worked hard, and they fill my day with laughter. Through this trip I have been humbled and challenged. Humbled because I have been blessed with SOOO much. I am more thankful for everyday things I take for granted. A few examples are clean water within my reach wherever I go, a clean bathroom without lizards, and even my education. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone with new food, language barriers, and leadership roles. I feel blessed that God allowed me to serve in Belize and experience their culture. My eyes have been opened to the way people live outside of America. They live such a simple life! I am sad the trip is more than halfway over. However, I am excited to tell my friends and family about my experience here and what God has been teaching me. Tomorrow is our last day with the kids. Pray that we may be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and for us not to miss what God is doing in and through us. Thank you for all of your support and prayers!

Lindsay Heun

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