Some thoughts from Trenton

Hey family and friends.

Today,  we went to a school in the village of San Antonio and ministered to 100 different kids. It was so fun to get it know so many kids. They were spit up into two different groups: standard 5-6, and infant 1-2. The standard 5-6 kids are the oldest kids the primary schools have in Belize.

We played soccer, made crafts, and did VBS with them. They are so good at soccer!! I was amazed that they were kicking the ball almost as hard as us. I went full out to play and they still were killing us.

Going into trip, I was nervous about how I was going to interact with the kids since I have not had a lot of experience going deeper with littler kids. It was so cool to see how God answered my prayers by allowing me to connect with several guys that just clung on to me from the start of our time at the school. There were no barriers with them and they were quick to open up. I had a chance to hear the soccer coaches testimony this afternoon. It is unbelievable to see how blessed we are in the states and take so much for granted. The main things that this trip had opened my eyes up to is that all you need to do for someone is just to be present and in the moment with them and to seek God in everything. This includes playing soccer or doing construction work, we all need to invite Christ into our everyday lives. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

Trenton Ulveling

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