Today was great in so many ways! The kids at San Antonio were so willing to learn and open to showing and receiving love. We started with an icebreaker of duck, duck, goose. And then another game of Gorilla, Man, Gun which is version of rock, paper, scissors. We taught them the story of the woman at the well, sang worship songs with actions, played soccer (or football here), and made bracelets that had colorful beads and a big blue felt water drop to represent living water. The kids LOVE stickers so we passed some out. The girls liked the flower and angel stickers and the boys liked the frogs. The little girls were so sweet they would always hold my hand and even copied the way I was sitting.

After we left he school we stopped by an older couple’s house. They were peanut farmers and had a giant pile of dry peanut plants in front of them picking every peanut by hand. The people in Belize are such hard workers and really proud of their country. Being here makes me realize how fast paced the U.S. is. It’s really nice to see how laid back and simple life is here. Tomorrow we are going to Mayan ruins, a worship service at a church (where James will be preaching!), and a school called Billy White.

God is so good and has been helping us to be able to relate with these kids and has definitely been blessing us with energy! The people on this trip with me are so amazing and encouraging to be around. Each one has such special gifts and abilities to really add to our team! To my family: I love you and miss you. I can’t wait to tell you stories and give you your souvenirs!


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