Day 2

We had a good day today in San Marcos.

Here’s some thoughts from Rachel and Caleb about today.

Today, we woke up and ate our first Belizean breakfast of  “fried jacks” and fresh pineapple. We read over the story we taught today, the story of the Woman at the Well. Before we went to St. Marcos school, we stopped at a farmer’s market-type place where there were dozens of fruits we’d never seen before like soursop and apple-bananas and delicious-smelling spices and jewelry. We arrived at the school and mixed cement to build a porch for one of the classrooms while taking breaks to interact with the kids and play soccer (football). They were pretty shy at first; but at the end of the day, they warmed up to us and were holding our hands and gave us hugs. The kids were so precious and polite. We sang worship songs, did a skit, lesson, crafts, and played soccer. The day centered on telling story of the “Living Water”. The classrooms there were full of bright colors and posters. I loved to see how happy and content the kids seemed, although they didn’t have much.

Being in Belize has really humbled me into seeing how unimportant material things are in reality and how important we make them in America. The people here seem to really appreciate and take pride in the beautiful creation. Most of the things and food here we have seen are homemade. This trip is such a huge blessing and everyone on our team has been working so well together. I’m excited to see the lessons God teaches us and the kids as the week goes on! – Rachel

Traveling to different culture has changed me. Two summers ago, I went on a mission trip to Guatemala to serve orphans and widows. One year ago, I went to England and sang with the CofO Chapel chior.  This summer, I am here in Belize doing construction work and a VBS camp with kids.

All of these trips have been different but they do have things in common. The commonality of these trips have been service and fellowship. Whether it was installing a new oven for a widow in Guatemala, worshipping in cathedrals built hundreds of years ago in England, or teaching kids about the love of Christ and the “living water” we have in Him, all of these trips have been incredible opportunities to serve and fellowship with those around me. It causes me to think, why are these two things so important in a Christians life? It seems to me that these were the main points of Jesus’s ministry when He walked the earth.  He healed the lame, sick and blind, taught great crowds of people and had deep intimate fellowship with his disciples. And why is it important that He served and fellowshipped? It was glorifying to God! There is no better aim in this life than to glorify our creator.

This trip has also been a joyful struggle. The past semester was extremely exhausting and it is challenging to go from such a semester straight into doing hard physical work and trying to teach kids about the love of Christ with a joyful spirit. But it is through struggles that we are made stronger, and it is also encouraging to see the smiles of the children’s faces. They are so bright and full of life, both in Guatemala and here in Belize I have found the kids to be beautiful examples of innocence, creativity, joy and even good behavior. The kids we interacted with today listened well, were willing to follow instruction, and even acted chivalrous toward each other.Even in the midst of being tired and weary I can see God working through our group both developing our characters and giving opportunities to love others through the love that Christ first showed us. Throughout the rest of this week I am excited to continue serving and fellowshipping with those around us and ultimately bringing Glory to God!  – Caleb

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